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It;s a simple transition from a comment to a question. Lekin (But), that one word that you might use it frequently every day but never realize how often you do or how necessary it is. Living under dictatorships for most of its life, Pakistan – and its education system – doesn't encourage its people to ask questions or have an opinion. Most Pakistanis tend to accept what they hear, even if they are the most outrageous conspiracy theories, trying to understand it and hoping what they have heard is right. But hope isn't enough. When you have the courage to rebut a comment and are willing to sit back and listen to the answer, with an open mind, then you're talking journalism.
Lekin isn't your regular Pakistani news program. It is not going to be the show where you will hear confusing facts, watch irrational and overly-dramatic reports and be forced to see a messy screen. It is simply journalism, fact versus fiction, black and white, leaving it up to you to decide what colour you prefer.
Lekin takes the local news and breaks it down for you, in plain, frank words, with reports, information and guests who are related to the issue. Each story has two or more sides. We will present all angles to you, even the ones you didn't think of and allow you to make up your own mind. No drama. Just the truth. It is that simple.

Launch Day :- Friday 24th Nov
Freq:- fri, sat, sun @7pm


Intekhabaat Dhaai Maha Baad Honge ! Lekin

About Talat Hussain:

Syed Talat Hussain is one of Pakistan’s leading journalists. His nearly 23 years of experience in print and electronic media spans an illustrious career’s many mile-stones. In electronic media is best known nationally for his pioneer work in Current Affairs programmes most of whose present-day formats were tried and tested by him before these became widely-replicated. He has held various important positions in electronic media: former director news and current affairs Pakistan Television; Pioneer of the PTV world global; founder member and later Executive Director News and Current Affairs Aaj Television; In charge News and Current Affairs in ARY, senior anchor in Dawn and Express television networks. Internationally he has worked with CNN and ABC as producer for several years.

Intekhabaat Dhaai Maha Baad Honge ! Lekin

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